Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Star rising

Those of you who have been hanging with Pretty Lady for awhile now may perhaps remember her encounter, last March, with an unlikely star. She is now thrilled to report that Ms. Tara Lynne is steadily getting her act together. When Pretty Lady and her Japanese neighbor wandered into the Buttermilk Bar last Wednesday evening, intending to have a quiet good-bye chat, dear Tara was serendipitously headlining. With a poster! A big poster in the window, featuring Tara!

The turnout was substantial and attentive, and Tara has obviously been practicing. Her set was solid, with no klunkers and few trip-ups. Tara's rendition of 'Sara Smile' sent chills up and down Pretty Lady's spine; it is the mark of a true artist when one can discover hidden depth, drama and angst in Hall and Oates. Pretty Lady was disappointed to find that 'Sara Smile' was not included on the album, but concedes that this was probably a canny professional decision on Tara's part.

And indeed, Tara has an album! Pretty Lady happened to be in funds, due to the fact that at the last minute she called up a check-bouncing client and scolded him; unexpectedly he showed up with the cash. (It is shocking, the way a calculated temper tantrum can sometimes produce results when courtesy fails.) So two albums were purchased, one for Pretty Lady to take on the road, and one for Hiroko to play loudly in New York. It is an excellent first effort; it lacks the polish that would be provided by substantial capital investment in top-notch recording technology, but if Tara keeps up this hard work and relative sobriety, there's a good chance she will attract such investment in future.

Pretty Lady urges each and every one of you to hustle on over to Tara's site and listen, just listen, to the samples, particularly "I'm Leavin'." If they do not give you chills, either your speakers need replacing, or Pretty Lady will take up knitting and stay home from now on.


Anonymous said...

I listened to that music. Ugh, I don't like that genre. Makes my teeth clench. i wish her the best of luck though.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for posting OT here, although what I wanted to respond to was a comment regarding the parties you attend in the Bay Area that you made over at Vox's... That thread appears dead and I assumed my comments would fall fallow if posted there.

You should spend some time in Texas. Although - Austin does not count. Austin is a singular island of incongruous foppery in an ocean of normalcy. The denizens of Austin walk around in a constant state of high-iron terror that someone somewhere in New York might believe them to be backwoods hicks.

Once outside of Austin, you might be amazed to find people of culture, intelligence and taste here, albeit with a fierce independent streak. You might not be amazed to find an overwhelming dearth of high-voiced men in dresses desperate to get in touch with their feminine side.

Remember, brainpower is not geographically based, and be prepared to be astonished at the sharp intelligence in those bright blue eyes underneath that Stetson.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I love hearing that someone truly screwed up managed to get their life together, especially when they're extraordinarily talented. Plus, I have a new song to play on my MySpace profile, and how cool is that?

Anonymous said...

I read it before it was deleted.

Your secret is safe with me... Ma'am.

((smiles, winks and touches brim))


Anonymous said...

Belay my last, a revision was in the works.


Pretty Lady said...

Drat. Somehow I hit some concatenation of buttons that meant 'publish' before I was done. Secrets are Laid Bare, now.

Starbuck, I WARNED you that she reminded me of Janis Joplin. It's an acquired taste. Mitzibel understands.

Anonymous said...

PL, Warned?! Janis Joplin's music made my teeth clench. I didn't say bad things about it. I just said I don't like that brand of music. I know some people that do. I doubt it being an aquired taste. If I listened to it a million times, I wouldn't like it any better. But she does seem to have talent (alot of people out there making records with no talent whatsoever..)

And I do wish her the best of luck!!!

SO there!

And There

AND... nevermind... You probably don't want me to use curse words do you?