Friday, August 04, 2006

Mass Hallucinations

The most ridiculous thing has allegedly occurred. Pretty Lady was walking down the street, and thought she saw her client approaching, in a wheelchair, being propelled by a poker-faced black woman in some sort of uniform. How absurd! Pretty Lady actually imagined that his arms were twisted and all but useless, his speech was halting, his eyes were sinking away from their inner light.

Moreover, those about her seemed to share this insane hallucination. Her client, the grim-faced nurse person, and Pretty Lady's friend all appeared to be in perfect agreement as to the whole wheelchair delusion. What is to be done with us?

For obviously, we must think that God is responsible for this sorry state of affairs. We are merely helpless victims of his cavalier whims. We didn't ask to be thrust into these vulnerable bodies, always sweating and breaking down, and catching Lou Gehrig's disease at the worst possible time. No, no. God is just mean. Mean and rotten and stupid. Pffffft.

Or, no! Perhaps it was Satan. There you go. Satan did it, in order to make us come over to his side, and not believe in God, and sin all the time, and have fun. Fun in a wheelchair with twisted limbs and in imminent danger of suffocating when one's lungs are ultimately paralyzed...yes, that makes perfect sense. That Satan is a smart one. He really knows his temptations.


Pretty Lady is sorry to say that, as much as Jesus has been patiently standing at her right shoulder and explaining that none of this is real, she hasn't really grasped it yet. Otherwise she would have had the presence of mind to josh her friend out of that silly wheelchair, instead of merely declaring that she loved him, and encouraging him to call at any time. But Pretty Lady can't be too hard on herself; after all, she's still convinced that she's living in this body, that one of these legs is slightly longer than the other, that the insteps are flat, and that after walking long distances, she feels all lopsided.


The Aardvark said...


Anonymous said...

Blogging on acid isn't wise.

Pretty Lady said...

How many times do I have to tell you people?

1) Pretty Lady is not on drugs. She was born this way.

2) The world is an illusion. How could it not be? Would a loving God DO this sort of thing to us? Really? Those of you who have directly experienced the love of God--do you honestly believe he'd be capable of this?

Come on. NOT. We're doing it to ourselves.

The Aardvark said...

It's like the yahoos who said God was punishing Nawlins when Katrina hit.


The Hebrew epistle states that in these days God has spoken to us through His son, Christ Jesus. He doesn't use the Smite Button to "speak to us", nor does he give Aunt Hettie cancer to "teach her something".
The One who spoke the wheeling cosmos into existence, today still speaks rationally, through His word.

Whilst I cannot agree with the illusion idea wholly, I can certainly affirm that God has done the utmost to enable us and ennoble us to triumph over what our selfish stupidity has wrought in the earth because of our childish rebellion. (Although it is stated that this world is a shadow of the heavenly Reality, therefore the "illusion" idea isn't really off the beam. That's how the resurrected Jesus could walk through the door. He was more real than the door.)

I'll continue to pray for your friend.

Pretty Lady said...

Exactly, Aardvark, exactly. The Bible is a wonderfully constructed document; it is right on the money, on whatever level one is perceiving it.

And thank you ever so much for the prayers. At this point, they are all any of us have to offer.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't use the Smite Button to "speak to us", nor does he give Aunt Hettie cancer to "teach her something".

Well Aardvark, I find it very hard to believe that when my ex was castigating me in public, lying her ass off, and generally making myth about the way things were... and a seagul shit on her head, that God wasn't speaking to her. Just my opinion though.