Monday, August 21, 2006

On Farm, With Sister

That hissing sound you hear is the sound of Pretty Lady's aura decompressing. She has planned, plotted and finagled her first long-term break from The City in two years. Words cannot describe her feelings upon this momentous occasion. Terms like 'farmhouse' and 'forest' and 'pond' and 'crickets' do not contain the necessary impact; they come across as common and cliché-ridden. So she will maintain a Zen silence on the subject of her immediate surroundings, except to say that they are very, very pretty.

Moreover, Pretty Lady's sister saved the fun jobs for her. This farmhouse has more rooms than Pretty Lady's sister knows what to do with; Pretty Lady has never in her life had such a problem. No sooner had her feet hit farmhouse floorboards than she began Nesting Ferociously. Of course she is not finished. Scarcely begun, in fact. Really she only popped in to say hello, and that she loves you, and that she will pop in again shortly.


Anonymous said...

Quit reading this and go enjoy yourself, Pretty Lady!

Don't forget to take some good pictures for us.


Anonymous said...

NOw thatyou are popping all over...
Does that make you a Pop-tart?
Just seemed like the right silly thing to say. Pure corn of course...but are in the country.

BoysMom said...

Having now been in the New York City area in July, I must say you show great wisdom in leaving in August.
Why on Earth does Queens not have trees on their sidewalks? Or flower boxes? Or something other than pavement and buildings, somewhere, to break the sun and heat?
I hope you are having a lovely vacation and considerably less rain and fewer mosquitos than we did.

Pretty Lady said...

Boysmom, I cannot answer your questions about Queens. Queens is an Armpit. Pretty Lady would never live in Queens. She gets lost every time she is forced to drive there for some terrible reason, like getting her computer fixed.

There is rain in Maine, there are mosquitoes, but these are trivial issues. The important issues are the trees, the flowers, the silence, and the space. The blessed silent space.

Thank you for your good wishes, and I can assure you that they are being fulfilled. Equally I congratulate you on your trip to NYC, and on recovering from same.

Anonymous said...

Why on Earth does Queens not have trees on their sidewalks?

Heh, Trees have a funny thing about them. They won't grow in cement.

BoysMom said...

We have trees on our sidewalks--they left holes to put them in. (Another town I used to live in had great big boxes with trees in them.) Presumably if rural Idaho can figure this out, urban New York could. After all, it doesn't seem like New York would have to fuss with an irrigation system!