Saturday, August 12, 2006

Tech Lady

After a most exhausting afternoon, Pretty Lady is delighted to report that she has successfully Troubleshot her Browser Problem. The reason her browser was crashing, the reason the trouble did not show up on any commonplace, plebian diagnostic test, the reason the problem remained immune to re-installations, the jettisoning of every extension and plugin she has ever used, and a complete hard drive Software Restore, is that the problem was Fonts. Specifically, one of the three thousand exotic fonts obtained by her from a gallant hacker years ago, and discreetly placed in her Font folder, was confusing the heck out of Firefox whenever it went to map the bits, or whatever it does. Pretty Lady removed the Fonts, and Firefox functions once again.

Pretty Lady must say that she is feeling awfully clever. She found the crash log all by herself, deciphered the problem all by herself, and solved it, all by herself. And invented a new tongue twister, too.


Pretty Lady said...

Thank you, Morris, I was looking for a pat on the back for that. It required a great deal of unsupported detective work in realms which I ordinarily, consciously avoid, because I loathe those realms. It is not that I am incapable of comprehending infinite reams of linearly-coded gobbledegook; I am simply deeply disinclined.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Kudos, sweetie! That's damn impressive. I used to work tech support in a call center, so I'm used to the general populace espousing crap like, "But AOL *is* the internet! They own it!" when confronted by technical problems. You deserve a big fat pat on the back, plus something frozen and fruity and intoxicating (you know, like a hot Norwegian man with a sexy accent who turns out to be gay but you don't care because he redecorates your apartment for cost ;)

Anonymous said...

not bad... but don't get a big head. What if you had a real difficult problem? You know the kind that won't "tell" you what happened? Like a regester or a flag in the microprocessor melts down but the processor still works?

People these days just replace the whole motherboard. Which is just silly.

Pretty Lady said...

Starbuck, I just had a real difficult problem, which was that my hard drive cracked in two, at least that's what it sounded like. I got a new one, of course. I am not a martyr.