Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crass Vulgarity

Astute readers will note that Pretty Lady has added a Button to her sidebar, entitled 'Pretty Lady's Rent Fund.' This is the result of a fun experiment involving Photoshop, a Paypal account, and a suggestion from Bane. Consider it along the lines of a Tip Jar; donations are, regrettably, not tax-deductible, and will serve only to subsidize Phil the Neanderthal. Tangentially, they will keep Pretty Lady with a roof over her head, where she promises to keep scribbling away, to the utmost of her ability.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. To each his own.
But you're being far too classy with your nicely Photoshopped button.
To become a *true* Blogger Begger you need to adopt a child. Preferably one with some sort of problem you can exploit. You know, for sympathy cash to supplement the kid's disabilty check.
You are far more gracious than I, Pretty Lady, but you always have been. ;-)
And that is all I shall say, except that if you ever did get in a bind, I would help you out. I know how hard you work, and one's willingness to do what must be done carries a lot of merit with those of us who are selective when it comes to where we bestow our charity.

Anonymous said...

I see that your pet cow is still molesting the children, Pretty Lady. Which is why I scorched Vox's earth over it in the first place, last time, until I declared a reluctant detente, which I knew of course, the cow would violate. Regardless, I shall continue it no further, here, and I am surprised that you tolerate such boorish riff-raff as she.

I guess we all slum, sometime.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment, Bane. Could you explain who the child molesting cow is, please? I don't get it. Maybe I'm too stupid to understand you.

Or was this comment on her blog meant just for PL? I think email suits that purpose...

I'd love to hear more specific wisdom. If you 'won't continue it here', perhaps you could provide a link...

Anonymous said...

Bane, Pretty Lady tolerates riff-raff of all kinds. So I guess in a way, I'm benefiting from her charity. *grin*
I don't have a problem with her rent fund - although it would be a personal last-resort option for me - just as I wouldn't have a problem with any working person appealing for help.
I can draw a distinction between a working person appealing for a rent supplement and a grown man who considers himself beneath earning an income but not beneath mentioning their kid's deployment in the same post he touts his wish list.
Sorry, but that's just crass.
If you must beg for stuff, at least add more things to your kids' wish list. Yours is so much longer....Or maybe ask for stuff to send to your boy in Iraq. Wouldn't that be more satisfying than getting a copy of Doom?
Wait. Don't answer that. I don't think I even want to know.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting comment, Bane. Could you explain who the child molesting cow is, please? I don't get it. Maybe I'm too stupid to understand you."

Oh, I can explain, thimscool. Tis just an example of Bane's stellar prose - the prose that will have him hired on spec any day now. Because, you know. He's equally facile with pen and computer. And can deliver.
OK. I'm officially having too much fun.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. No I still don't quite get it.

Is he referring to you? And by implication, calling PL a child? That would be quite rude. Evern worse is the suggestion that PL is 'slumming' by either tolerating 'riff-raff' or taking rent augmantation?

Very curious. Bane? Could you please claify?

Pretty Lady said...

People. People. The heading 'crass vulgarity' was not a mandate; it was not even a suggestion. Morgan, I must say that your initial comment was unprovoked, I do not countenance it, and that in public discourse I expect a standard of courtesy to be maintained at all times. If any of you have a private issue with anyone, please keep it private.

Anonymous said...

For the record, Pretty Lady, I did not direct my initial comment at anyone. I did not name names.
I was simply citing what I considered to be the low-end of Beggar Bloggers, and contrasting it to your more discreet appeals for some rent cash.
I can't be blamed if someone chose to see themselves in what I wrote.
But really, there's nothing more to say with my point having been made.

Anonymous said...

Do you tip your waitress? Do you tip the valet? Do you tip the goddamn snooty coffee poseur barista at Starbucks?

The answer is yes to the first two. The answer is hell no to the third. I say God bless Bane and PL if they can make money off their writing. Remember, they keep writing whether or not you pay them.

John Fogerty said it best. "You don't need a penny just to hang around / But if you got a nickel won't you lay your money down."


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Isn't it odd how petty and jealous some people can be, by pretending superiority of character or sensibilities? Why do some choose to vent their spleen in public, and then call it "humor" or "just my opinion" if challenged as to motive? As my dear father has said (crudely but aptly) "Opinions are like ass-holes. We all have them. And often they stink." That's why those with class choose to cover up some things in public ....

I think it's a great idea PL. Too bad such things become necessary. If people give money to complete strangers (perhaps to assuage guilt over having more then they feel they deserve?), why should it be any less noble to give money to people they know or like?

If I had extra, I'd gladly share with you. However, as it is, I'm trying to figure out how to support the mother-in-law who moved in with us 6 months after the wedding...We could all use a monetary break it appears! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey PL, as a follow up on Terrymum's comments, I think it worthy to support creativity in creative ways. Count me in for $5-10 a month if it helps. Starting Sept. You give more than you get by far anyway. And being flatter than flat broke, I still think it worthwhile.
I once asked a bunch of my close close friends if they would contribute $10/month in exchange every month for a piece of original art work and I was doing really cool stuff. They laughed. Made....ha, ha comments, etc. I was very surprised. I guess it is easier to give a ten spot to a bum at night on the street than for people to support a friend. Although I have to say, a friend who didn't relate to my work, gave me $2500 lump sum for anything at a future date, of my choosing, just to support me. How unusual.

Pretty Lady said...

I once asked a bunch of my close close friends if they would contribute $10/month in exchange every month for a piece of original art work and I was doing really cool stuff. They laughed.

This is both shocking and extraordinarily familiar. The mistake you made was in asking for too little. When you ask people for $250K as an investment in a real estate venture, they take you seriously. When you frame a piece and hang it in a gallery and put a $3500 price tag on it, they take you seriously. When you take the same piece and offer it at a table on the street for $40, they laugh. I have, literally, had this happen.

Anonymous said...

thinscool: I'll answer you since Morgan is being vague. She is the cow in question. They have a little history over at Vox's site. It was not pleasant. I did not think that Bane still hostile since Morgan's post about her son's autism. I thought he had softened toward her, hence the detente.


Anonymous said...


Bane did indeed comment when I posted on John's autism, seeing how we both have kids with special needs.

I haven't harbored Bane ill will and still don't. In his opinion, I'm a cow. In my opinion, he's being a bit self-centered at his family's expense.

I think my only sin this time that reignited the whole thing is questioning why a person with a disabled child and in near-constant dire financial straits would not turn their writing talent into an income, given that it's easy to do and his family could really use the extra resources.

It likely comes down to a fundamental difference in perspective. My handicapped son - also named John - won't have much of a future unless his parents *both* work to provide it for him.

It just perplexes me when someone puts themselves completely at the mercy of others.

Bob said...

Wow, PL, this thread is loaded with hostility!

Something I'm just not used to in here.


Anonymous said...

"Wow, PL, this thread is loaded with hostility!"

That's a bit of a stretch. I can't see the problem discussion the merits of tip jars and the level to which one should rely on them to get by.
I'm not hostile towards anyone who has a tip jar. It's just not something I'd want to do unless I needed the money for necessities.

Bob said...

Not you, Morgan, and hostility is relative to it's location.

Mild would be an understatement for this over at Vox's, but I'm surprised of ANY here.

We all have our perceptions, you know...