Friday, August 25, 2006

Excellent marketing strategy

Pretty Lady has been remiss, once again. Months ago, she picked up a free CD in a charming little French café on 5th avenue and 11th street. Months later, she remembered to play it. Months later still, she is reporting that Clare Burson's music is quite lovely, well worth listening to, and not a bit like Tara's, for those of you who are still feeling violated and betrayed by Pretty Lady's rougher tastes.

(I had a boyfriend, Psychotic M., who felt the same way. He once broke in, uninvited and unwelcome, upon a longstanding, private chitchat date that Pretty Lady had with a Best Friend, acting very strangely. Twelve hours of tiresome tantrums later, it came to light that he had been to a Ramones concert. He hadn't liked it. He hadn't liked it at all, and the fact that Pretty Lady had casually mentioned that, failing the Best Friend date, she might like to drop in upon the Ramones, had deeply upset him. He felt that his Pretty Lady ought not to like that sort of thing. Breaking in on her date was his way of expressing his feeling that Pretty Lady should change her tastes, right then, so that his fragile psyche could regain its sense of stability in the universe.)

(Pretty Lady broke up with Psychotic M. shortly after this incident, and then the real trouble began.)

Anyhoo, if you go to Clare's site, I highly recommend starting with 'Love Me in the Morning' and then playing right on through. She is sweet and Celtic-sounding, in case you need a taste meter.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty! Her pictures on her Music page remind me of that whiny chick from "The Shining"--was that Shelly Winters? By the end of that movie, *I* wanted to take after her with an axe.

Anonymous said...

PL, As to this psycho guy, all I can say is WHAT A DORK! I wonder when people will realise that other people have different tastes! Even the closest of people. Good grief, use that brain cell that God gave you!

Ummm.. I will refrain from checking out that music. Not because of before, but I am at work! HA! (6 am and at work... hmmm maybe I shoulda come in at 5 instead..)

Billiam said...

My Lady, thank you for the link. That is music I can listen to and relax. It was mixed very well, too. Close your eyes, and hear each instrument. I'll be ordering her cd. Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

PL, I listened to some of her music, and I must say.. it is nice!

Nice sounding music... smooth voice. I do like it!