Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Whee! Woo-hoo!

Pretty Lady has won a contest! Her first contest ever!

And guess why she won?

Why? Because there simply is no way to say "No" to Pretty Lady. (Besides, I have a secret plan to warm up her bedroom for the new year, hah!)
Well, that's not the only reason.
Your arguments were, as always, consummately persuasive. Even the most recalcitrant judge was required to surrender in the face of your gripping tale of moral struggle and triumph.
So here, with all bashful blushings, Pretty Lady re-prints her winning essay. Oh, she's so proud, she could just eat a tulip.
I would like a print of your gorgeous painting, darling, because I am an absolute gourmand when it comes to original artwork. I have even been tempted toward mild dishonesty when it comes to this obsession, much as it pains me to admit; I have happened upon seemingly discarded canvases by painters I admired, and picked them up, and fondled them, and looked up and down the hallway and round the studio, and considered deeply, and then, in unflinching moral rectitude, put them back, where they were probably consigned to the dumpster anyhow.

But perhaps this moment of covetousness, inspired by a genuine appreciation for the aesthetic object in question, imparted a transcendent valuation to it which, willy-nilly, completed its incarnational purpose in this reality. So my sin absolves itself.

What would I do with it? Hang it in my kitchen, of course. What a foolish question.

And, now that Pretty Lady thinks about it, perhaps the bedroom is a more appropriate place, after all. That erotic watercolor from her Soho days is getting awfully lonesome.

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