Friday, December 15, 2006

And now...

Pretty Lady brings you the windows at Bergdorf Goodman's, at the corner of 59th street and 5th Avenue, next to the Plaza Hotel, which is now being converted into (sniff) condominiums.

First: the Angel. This dress was made entirely out of feathers. Photographing the detail proved to be wholly impossible.

The Polar Bear Window. Lamps are made of glass icicles.

The Gingerbread window. Cabinet in background appears to be actual antique inlaid mother-of-pearl.
Note the lace dress on the lady.

The Jungle window. Animals were made of mosaic tile; lighting, antique grapes chandelier.
Jungle Lady's dress seems to be entirely made of jewels; headdress is feathers, jacket green fur, rather like Puff Daddy's pale blue one.

Dramatic choice of color palette, no?

Ringleader window. Circus horses are antique papier-mache.

Pretty Lady has given up trying to decide what is happening in these next windows. They are full of metal sculptures of animals, built by local Brooklyn artists, antique toys, and ladies wearing extraordinary outfits.

Detail shots:

Et voilá. Pretty Lady hopes she has not bored her readers, with this senseless display of capitalistic excess. She herself sees no point to this sort of thing, except that it is utterly fascinating--just like life, if it comes to that.


Anonymous said...

wow....thanks, I never realized...

Pretty Lady said...

You see, Danny, capitalism has its uses. Many unemployed artists eke out a living doing window-dressing. When they have access to unlimited high-end resources thereof, pure poetry may result.

Actually, I treat all of Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue as one huge continuous piece of installation art. When you really look at it, the bar in the museums and galleries becomes that much higher.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Living in the sticks of Eastern Washington (the state) we do not get to see such things. When growing up just south of San Francisco we would go and "window shop." Alas, life's voyage has put me in a spot on the map where such art is not seen (although I think would be appreciated).

I suppose I could go the 200 miles to Seattle, but how much coffee can one guy drink (even artsy coffee)?

belledame222 said...

Those last windows i think are a Studio 54 party as encapsulated by Bosch.

whereabouts in NY are you, PL?

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting the images of the windows. I've moved away from NYC and miss seeing the specatcle of window design.

Anonymous said...


Wish we had sroews that would do that in our neighborhood.

As far as the last few windows, they look like the artists impressions of life today in the big city.

Anonymous said...


I mean "stores".

So solly....