Monday, December 04, 2006

Beware of Rudolph

Pretty Lady did not live in NYC during the Giuliani years. Thus, when the Angry Atheist went off on one of his frequent diatribes about fascism and harassment and police officers, she listened politely but skeptically. After all, she had read The Tipping Point.

But Pretty Lady has been a Cintra Wilson fan since the days of "Cintra Wilson Feels Your Pain," and she is much more inclined to trust dear Cintra's psychological perspicacity than that of the A.A. And Cintra's informed dismemberment of Rudy's temperamental irregularities is comprehensive and chilling.

Giuliani, having destroyed what might have been the best management team in NYPD history, had to start from scratch. Bratton's successors continued using the tactics of the men Rudy had canned, but twisted and distorted them. Giuliani and Safir, in trying to one-up the strategic balance of the Bratton team's approach to law enforcement, opted to jack up the "enforcement" and not pay so much attention to the "law."

Safir's NYPD beefed up the Street Crime Unit, a corps of hyper-macho officers once described by the Village Voice's Nat Hentoff as "a rogue police operation whose members make Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry look like Mahatma Gandhi." They were given leeway to enact "stop-and-frisks" of ordinary citizens -- supposedly to discourage them from carrying guns. While Safir's office implemented easier arrestee processing methods, New York's nonwhite citizens became increasingly alarmed by a police force they perceived as hostile, overzealous and racist. Go figure: members of the Street Crime Unit, Hentoff reported, delighted in wearing T-shirts emblazoned with such intimidating slogans as "We Own the Night!" and the Hemingway quote, "There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it never care for anything else."

In two years, the Street Crime Unit officially reported 40,000 stop-and-frisk confrontations, but only 9,500 of those searched were arrested. In a radio interview, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was alarmed enough by these stats to tell WNYC's Brian Lehrer: "I've spoken to many officers who say they do not fill out the required forms for every stop-and-frisk. They may fill out one in five or one in 10. We may have several hundred thousands of these police actions without arrests."

Given the excesses of our current administration with regards to erosion of basic civil liberties, hubris, fibbing, and general authoritarian expansionism, it does not seem to Pretty Lady that this country needs to err upon the side of 'more of the same.' The Angry Atheist may have been paranoid, but he was not imperceptive or unintelligent. Pretty Lady is rarely political, but she is convinced. Whatever your affiliations, opinions, views of any kind--do not vote for Rudy.


Desert Cat said...

Nope. He has statist, anti-libertarian writ large across him. And he's not at all conservative, despite the (R) next to his name.

Pretty much my diametric opposite.

Anonymous said...

Rudy or Hillary will get elected (doesn't matter which; they are both the same) and you will see what is left of our civil rights go down the crapper. After Bush II goes, there will be another major attack on our soil and "for our security" we will be forced to either suspend or ignore the Bill of Rights.

Remeber Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Elian Gonzales kidnapping? All of those actions under Clinton I were illegal, but the lap dog press put a spin on it that made it alright to violate their rights (relgious wack jobs, loner anti-government loons, HAD to return the little boy to his father in communist Cuba).

It's sad, we were a good country once, not perfect, but a good place to live.

belledame222 said...

he might be able to win the general if he survived the primaries, but i don't think he's gonna. all the opposition has to do is pull out the Rudia photos and the business about the mistress. couple that with the from New York and the rep as a relatively "liberal" Republican, esp. wrt gay rights and/or abortion (true or not) and he'll be toast before he's started.

i think.

then again, they really are all kind of a bunch of losers...

i think they'll go with the stodgiest candidate possible, though. which may actually mean McCain.

Pretty Lady said...

Rudy or Hillary will get elected (doesn't matter which; they are both the same)

Pretty Lady has her eye very sharply upon Barack Obama. This is not to say that she supports or recommends him just yet, but she is observing quite closely. He does not appear to suffer from knee-jerk syndrome, at the very very least.

The Aardvark said...

And here I thought you were waving us off from enjoying animated Yuletime fare on telly.