Friday, December 08, 2006

Itinerant musicians from Wales

Darlings, Pretty Lady has not meant to neglect you; indeed, it seems that you have been keeping yourselves very well entertained. What is it about the mere Mention of Money that brings on the Serious Discussions? Pretty Lady is thrilled to see that however fiery the debate becomes, every one of her friends maintains the highest standards of courtesy, except possibly Pretty Lady herself. A certain teasing, loving flippancy often gets the best of her.

Pretty Lady's living room has, this week, been host to the lovely and talented Rebecca Sullivan, of the internationally renowned folk duo Ember, and her dear friend Paul. Pretty Lady was very sad that Emily could not make it this time, but sends her warmest wishes. It is always a thrill, having itinerant musicians camp out in one's living room; Pretty Lady recommends this practice for anyone interested in experiencing Life as it is Meant To Be Lived.

Due to the fact of Jet Lag, not a great deal of Partying Down was done, in Pretty Lady's living room. Instead, after the de rigueur burritos, and forced march around the neighborhood, in order to maximize sunlight exposure, we settled down to an early-evening DJ session. Pretty Lady subjected dear Rebecca to about fourteen of her favorite tracks, from obscure artists discovered in her travels, while Paul most generously ripped and burned a smorgasboard of Celtic favorites, plus an extended disc of the music of Hildegarde of Bingen.

Rebecca, meanwhile, absorbed Pretty Lady's chaotic musical bombardment with the concentration and speed of a true professional. It was a delight, watching and listening as she apprehended every lyric, every chord, every influence, and ended up by singing along with the chorus. Ember will be cutting their fourth CD this March, and Rebecca confesses to a worrying bout with Songwriter's Block.

Pretty Lady is here to say that Rebecca has nothing to fear. Creativity may have its Ebb and its Flow, but a disciplined and active mind will always have its new enterprises and revelatory insights.

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