Friday, May 05, 2006

Society in decline

Pretty Lady has been invited to participate in a piece of Performance Art:


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Date: 2006-05-04, 1:38PM

EUROPEAN ARTIST is looking for 200 (two hundred) daring female volunteers
for his women ART-PERFORMANCE coming September.

The performance will be supported by several American's female ACTIVISTS and CELEBRITIES.

"CELEBRATING VENUS" will take place in the eminent galleries in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES.

Email us for the further information:


Approximately one quarter of the total depth of
the space, looking from the entrance, is an elliptical
white stage podium, 3-4 feet high. The size of the
stage is esthetically balanced with the total space of
the gallery. It is a construction of either wooden or
metal prefabricated elements, covered in a thin white
fabric. The atmosphere as such, will represent almost
Zen-like simplicity.
A white curtain or lightweight screen will be
positioned between the stage and the audience.

Equally distributed on the stage will be white
(or uncolored) wooden meditation Zen benches. A square
of thin white absorbent fabric is affixed to each
bench. The performers will sit on the benches with
their legs drawn back underneath. They have their arms
resting on their laps with the palm of the left hand
placed in the palm of the right, similar to the common
meditation posture.

The performers will wear long white flowing
tunics with long sleeves. They do not have any
underwear and will not be adorned with any decoration
or personal jewelry. Their hair will be slicked back
into a twist fastened by a wooden clasp. The make-up
used will be extremely discrete and almost
unnoticeable. Every participant will be wearing
virtual-reality goggles. During the performance and
afterwards the goggles project moving scenes and
pictures according to the spirit of the happening.

The performers would enter on the stage prior to
the audience. Due to the gallery’s configuration, the
audience will be allowed to enter only after the stage
has been finally set, so as to prevent any encounter
between the audience and the performers, as this would
interfere with the desired atmosphere. The audience
would enter and remain standing throughout the
performance in the area between the curtain/screen and
the gallery’s entrance.

The performance is multi-layered and therefore
requires exceptional harmony on the part of each
participant. It will be necessary for the performers
to rehearse two or three times in advance of the
performance itself.

The sound of a gong would signify the
commencement of the performance. At the outset, one
would hear a Tibetan prayer bell. The performers then
begin with so called meditation humming. It is a deep
monotone sound similar to the humming of a bumblebee.

They actually perform an ancient Tibetan monks
meditation. In the authentic tradition the monks
perform this meditation before the dawn. After the
performance they would return to sleep.

During the first 10 minutes the meditation
humming would be carried out behind the curtain.
Thereafter the curtain opens. The humming will last
the further 20 minutes.

After 30 minutes the music transforms into a soft
ambiential sound. The humming stops and the performers
very slowly separate their hands from one another,
turn the palms upwards and move the arms in a wide
motion from the body forward in a semicircular
fashion, symbolizing conferring their own energy to
the universe. This activity lasts seven and half

Thereafter, the music changes again, the palms
are then turned downwards, with the arms moving in the
opposite direction, signifying the capturing of
universal energy and directing it towards the abdomen.
Likewise, this part of the performance is of seven and
half minute’s duration.

The performers slowly remove the goggles from
their heads, lay them down on the benches, and rest
their hands in the starting position. This part of the
performance lasts 15 minutes.

The sound of the gong signifies the end of the
performance. The performers, in the earlier performed
sequence of order, exit from the stage via steps into
the changing rooms.

Their robes are stained with menstruation blood. The
white squares of fabric attached to the benches bear
the traces of their recent presence. The stage,
benches, the fabric and goggles, collectively create a
conceptual exhibiting installation, open for
subsequent viewing by the audience.
The performers later meet up with the audience
and media and share with them their unique experience.

Needless to say, Pretty Lady will be declining this invitation. Hmph.


Anonymous said...

It's been thus for a long time. One of my favorite quotes (which will surely cause dismay because of it's author. Too bad. It's no less accurate for the person who said it.):

"When I hear the word 'Art', I reach for my Luger." -- Hermann Göring

Anonymous said...

Dye. Create a Collage. Drop erfu meme per fume' .

Pretty Lady said...

Does this mean my tampons are a barrier to my self-expression?

It depends on what you think of as your 'self.' If your 'self-identity' consists of a pile of bleeding, decaying parts which will eventually expire and rot away completely, then yes. You had better get rid of those tampons, and walk around bleeding on the floor like a natural woman--except, come to think of it, how DARE you menstruate? REAL women should be pregnant at ALL TIMES, until they hit menopause and are then tossed onto the bone pile, alive or dead.

Chris C. said...


Talk about yer fetishes...!


Is this a new genre of Hormonal Art?

Lordy... :(

Shrubbery said...

I made a masterpiece of modern art just this morning. I call it "Remnants of by gone burritos". 'Twas a log in porceline white camode. It was majestic in a Zen sort of way.

Anonymous said...

REAL women should be pregnant at ALL TIMES, until they hit menopause and are then tossed onto the bone pile, alive or dead.
-Pretty Lady

That is just sad... do men treat women as such? I mean sheesh.. Doesn't God command men to Love their wife? That didn't sound much like Love to me. How badly you and many other women have been treated... Just rather sad.

Interesting day. I had the gall to tell Vox I thought he was wrong on an issue (not important). Man.. talk about a backlash. So I did my best to argue my point, then when I got no where and more were ganging up on me.. I started insulting a select few.. One didn't deserve it, but was graceful. another I didn't insult got nasty.. however, that person was rather inept... dim witted I thought. But then they decided they were much smarter. So I ended it.... by leaving, ha!

Pretty Lady said...

I had the gall to tell Vox I thought he was wrong on an issue (not important). Man.. talk about a backlash.

Ah, sweetheart. One does not tell Vox he is wrong about anything; one heartily agrees with his brilliance, while tactfully suggesting an addendum to it. Before long he is panting at one's heels. Sad that so few girls of our era have command of this simple tactic.

Lovely to see you here instead of there.

Pretty Lady said...

Gracious. I have committed an error of assumption. Dear rlh, please check to see that you do not post anonymously next time! Naturally I believed that any individual subject to a Vox mass backlash must be female, but not, it seems, necessarily.

Anonymous said...

Naturally I believed that any individual subject to a Vox mass backlash must be female...

Or a Gamma entity, that slinks away to bitch and complain and run the trademark passsive-agressive routine.

Oh, rlh, did those mean men hurt your feelings? Not give you the respect you so rightly deserve? Run to prettylady. She'll give you a hug (maybe you can even cop a feel).

Pretty Lady said...

She'll give you a hug (maybe you can even cop a feel).


Gentlemen! Please escort this vulgarian off my blog at once, with or without a flogging.

Anonymous said...

I apologize if I offend. It just seemed like that might be his MO.

Anonymous said...

Hurt my feelings? hardly... Vox said nothing to me. He never responds to me when I tell him he is wrong. But I couldn't keep up with what people were saying. Too many to argue with. I couldn't keep up... Of course I was at work also. I was also having a hard time keeping everything straight. Next time I play devils advocate, I will remember not to do that at work. Vox has never insulted me. I have never been able to argue with him. He takes a stand, defends it a time or two, then lets others hack away at whatever it was that disagreed with him.

how ever I came to the conclusion... The people there are showing a pattern, I doubt they notice it. But they are kind of like buzzrds circling something in the desert. oh well... I was sort of fun. I did get a certian lady to explain to me what kind of an idiot I am! HA! I didn't need her to tell me. I already know I am an idiot. I'm just good at fixing machines...

As to 'run to' pretty lady.. hmm,.. I don't think she has only responded to me 2 maybe 3 times. Why would I dump on her? She don't know me. I think I know her better because she tells a lot about herself.. or her personna, I think she is pretty honest. I don't know why anyone would want to reveal that much about themselves to idiots such as myself. But I find it interesting. Kind of like dating. Youre trying to figure them out. Pretty Lady seems to be very complicated. I don't think I could figure her out. But she is still interesting. I am still trying to figure out her religeous beliefs. She is all over the place on that.

PL.. Sorry I used anonymous.. I guess it really isn't anonymous....