Thursday, May 25, 2006

Go here and tell your Ghost Stories

because I want to hear them. Yay, Morgan.


Anonymous said...

The pink background saps my strength. But my son's favorite color is pink! And he's a monster.

I've enjoyed reading your comments, and I must say that you remind me a great deal of my sister. No fear!

Like Morgan, your input on VP gave me some hope that I was not alone in perceiving the dung-bug fantasy home that has deveolped. I especially enjoyed the recent converation between Patriarch Verlicht and Kirk. Almost makes me a religious man.

Cheers to you again. I shall be gone for a few days. But I enjoyed our conversation.

Ci vedremo.


Pretty Lady said...

Oh, the pink is just part of the joke. I would never have it in my home. So vulgar.

And thank you so much. Must go look for the scintillating conversation, now--have been in dung-bug avoidance mode.


Pretty Lady said...

P.S. Dude, thanks for alerting me. My abs haven't gotten such a good workout since I dropped Pilates. Someone actually brought out the soul in Verlch.