Tuesday, May 02, 2006

All aflutter

Pretty Lady swears she had no idea that the gentleman she smiled at, while parking her bike in front of the elementary school where the literary reading was to be held, was a Famous Rock Star. She thought he was just another literary geek like herself, wondering if this was the correct elementary school. He seemed friendly, and had such a lovely British accent.

Imagine her surprise, then, when she found out he was John Wesley Harding, aka Mr. Wesley Stace, author of the excellent book 'Misfortune.' Pretty Lady is not particularly familiar with his music, but the name rang a bell. She went to the reading on impulse, after determining that she must get out of the house, and receiving a convenient e-mail newsletter that advertised a reading just down the street.

The reading was excellent, and featured a short story by Rick Moody as well. Mr. Moody's story was most amusing, but as it turned upon a hyperintensive apprehending of the sordid minutiae of American culture, which aesthetic causes Pretty Lady to close her eyes and shudder slightly, she did not buy any of his books.

She was forced, however, to purchase Mr. Stace's book, as his rendition of one of its chapters had her in helpless stitches, and she quite liked his style. Plus, it gave her an excuse to ask for his autograph. His dear wife just had a baby, and she wished to congratulate him. Since he lives in the neighborhood, she thought it expedient to give him her business card as well. She hopes this was not too forward of her, but he was threatening to send his wife to the D'Mai spa, and Pretty Lady has it on client authority that the massages there are dreadful.

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