Sunday, January 29, 2006


Rainy Sunday. So I have gone exploring, and such delightful things I have found!

Through a succinct and discriminating clearinghouse with which I should have been familiar ere now, I found a goddess. Miss Snark, I bow down before you.

A touching post on fear and evangelism from Slacktivist. No wonder poor dear VD gets so surly. Carrying the weight of the world and all.

I finally was able to wend my way to Boysmom's blog, even though she is evidently too polite and shy to link to it while commenting. I was utterly charmed. Such a gentle soul, and cursed with visions. I look forward to reading more of them.

Even though Miss E. has stolen my template, I was deeply enamoured of her photographs. Perhaps I will borrow a few of them.

And, to my surprise and pleasure, I discovered that our own Jackadandy has expanded in such a complementary way upon my alternate--oh, well, never mind.


BoysMom said...

Polite, shy, and gentle? I do belive this is the first time I have ever been described in that way. My family would never recognize me! (Now if you said stuborn, opinionated, and impatient . . .)
Interesting how differently I come across in writing than in person.
Oh, I think I managed to fix that glitch that caused the link to not show up. It was a user error on my part.

heidi said...

Pretty Lady, I read your blog with a distint Georgia drawl ringing in my ears.

I do enjoy your words though.

Pretty Lady said...

Pretty Lady is glad to know that at least one of her readers is not tone deaf. Southern accents can have their subversive uses.