Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Et voilá

My former associate J. Alexandria Moore has achieved the notoriety and renown she so eternally craved. I must send her a congratulatory note. I suppose I must go through her agent? The site does not appear to contain an electronic address.

Ms. Moore and I shared so many delectable evenings long ago in San Francisco, nattering and nattering into the wee hours when we returned to our snug apartment in the Mission district, she from capoiera, flower arranging and Peachy Puffing, I from spray-painting construction sites. Her head was shaved, then; mine was dyed an aggressive shade of blue-black. Both of us, I believe, have only increased our personal attractions with the wisdom of the years.

Justine was always good at 'funny voices.' How clever of her to make this into a career.

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