Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The burdens of being overly gifted

La Badgerina riffs on the trouble with Having It All:

But also I remember how hard it was in the early 90s when I insisted I was going to be super-sex-positive as loudly as possible, and went around in my stripper outfits with glitter on my eyelids, even to my classes on literary theory and to grad school department meetings and etc. Because they were all TALKING about empowerment of women and respecting women's desire/sexuality/subjectivity. But fucking-of-course when confronted with a living example of braininess and sexiness, they could not handle it. It didn't compute. And I was treated like the worst sort of idiot by everyone, and it helped to kill my attempt at grad school. Then from the other side - I remember this one kind of psycho but interesting and powerful activist chick in my women's coalition group saying that I was "dumb but harmless" and also all the flak about what I wore and how it reflected badly on the group when I stood up at a rally to talk. You would think that fishnet stockings were FUCKING RADIOACTIVE. And then the whole other dimension of leather and the lesbian Sex Wars kicked in. Me and my gf were pimping for the patriarchy...

Oh, how I know, dear Badger, how I know.

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