Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jake dissects the modern Cinderella

My dear friend Jake has produced the finest deconstruction of a Pyrrhic personal ad I have ever seen. I fear that the modern woman has forgotten the crucial fact that a man is, after all, a MAN:

The theorized man takes form: Those that congregate by the dozens in feed lots like Rittenhouse Park or South Street, who create a virtual miasma of disaffected male energy are harboring an individualist in cognito? Someone who has purposely dampened a Wildian humor in order to dissemble and deconstruct the herd? I leave it to the reader’s imagination as to how she is going to ferret out this confederate. Oh that’s right, he will be reading this personal! But won’t he be too busy to answer, with all that stylin’ to maintain?—the manifold body buffings, the endless boutiqueing or the eternal search for the hide of the near-extinct Nauga?

My heart bleeds.

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The Aardvark said...

You are becoming a delightful habit.

Perhaps the lasses forget because men have forgotten that they are, after all, MEN.