Sunday, January 01, 2006

Shocking rift

I see that my dear former classmate Anne Bass has finally parted ways with Mr. Martin of the NYCB. I can't say that I blame her; personally, Peter always gave me the creeps. Mr. B was definitely an evil man, but at least he had Vision, however cruel and distorted. Peter always seemed, well, just about flowing blond locks. I was sorely disappointed when they made him director; it seemed to me that he hadn't the necessary creativity. It now appears that Ms. Bass agrees with me.

I found this disturbing:

For some, Mr. Martins is star enough. On Friday afternoon, the last day of school, S.A.B. student Cecilia Iliesiu stepped out of the Rose building, which towers over the Juilliard School, and where the school occupies the fifth floor.
Tall and thin, with braces and her blond hair pulled back in a bun, the 14-year-old talked fondly about the school she has been attending since she was 8. Ms. Iliesiu said that on a recent night, too tall to dance on stage in The Nutcracker, she watched the smaller children from the wings.
When it came time for Ms. Reichlen, the Dewdrop, to take the stage, Ms. Iliesiu mimicked her elegant movements, rising on her toes and slowly slicing the air with her arms.
Mr. Martins, who also likes to watch from the wings, turned to give her an icy stare.
“He just gave me this stare, like: ‘It’s nice you’re learning it, but …. ’” Her voice trailed off. “Whenever I see him, I get chills.
“I hope he’s my director one day.”

Sweeheart, no! Never work with a man who squelches your ambitions.


Anonymous said...

Haha that is me... I am not kidding. But I have had the dream to be in NYCB my whoel life and I am determined to sucess. But thank you for the advice.
Cecilia I.

Pretty Lady said...

Cecilia. This is very important. Go ahead and be in NYCB. Be a success. But TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Do not let Peter or any other director squelch your self-esteem. Do not let them shatter your physical or mental or emotional health. Do not let them shatter your finances. Do not let them deprive you of the ability to think for yourself.

Cecilia, there is life after forty, and my best wishes for you include the notion that your life after forty will be a happy one. Being a dancer for NYCB will provide sufficient happiness until then.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your advice. I completly understand. I wish you as much happiness and you do to me. Thank you again and I will be careful.