Friday, July 07, 2006


Recently viewed: "Find me Guilty" starring Vin Diesel, directed by Sidney Lumet.

Verdict: Vin CAN act! I knew it! I knew it after the first 15 minutes of "The Fast and the Furious!" Nobody else believed me! Little Vinny is all grown up, and I am So Proud.

Caveat: Of course, he's not sexy anymore. He had to grow some sparse, unattractive hair and a gut for this role; without the baldness and the build, the only thing that's cute about him is the shiny, doglike brown eyes and the growly voice. He even puts the brakes on the growl, and becomes jovial and chortly.

But since he was always a bit too much of a lunkhead for Pretty Lady to maintain any sustained interest in him, personally, it's not too big of a sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

Ah, thank you. I always knew he could act, too, deep down in the part of me that still retained concious thought when he took his shirt off ;)

Pretty Lady said...

Girls, you might enjoy the views of a good friend of mine on the subject of Mr. Diesel's charisma, sex appeal and acting ability. ;-)

Matt said...

And he can break dance!

I think you should now write a blog about giving Vin Diesel a blowjob. From what I understand, it's quite difficult.

Matt said...

And he grew up in an artist colony in the Village, just so you know!

Pretty Lady said...

Yes, gy! I know. And some suggestions from the peanut gallery will be roundly ignored.

Pretty Lady said...

That's absurd! It's also a testament to the fact that Vin's sexual force field is so strong that even lesbians find it distracting.