Saturday, July 01, 2006

The ice cream truck has been parked outside Pretty Lady's studio window for the last two hours, playing 'The Music Box Dancer' in its inimitable, tinny way, over and over and over. How many more signs do we need? Is there any cat lover out there who is interested in a city summer sublet?

The Brat appears to have overcome his bladder problems once again. Here he is, impersonating a squashed cockroach, upon the thoroughly shampoo'd and reconstituted sofa.

This afternoon the cats lunched upon an impromptu rice pudding, consisting of rice, raw egg, and vanilla water buffalo yogurt. They didn't exactly devour the whole bowl, but they didn't vociferously complain, either.

Pretty Lady can see the writing on the wall. She is headed full-tilt toward becoming an Old Lady With Cats. The horror! She MUST take up sea-kayaking at once.


The Aardvark said...

You could always land a guest shot on "The Simpsons"!

Pretty Lady said...

How much money do you make per click?

Well, none, yet, since they don't cut you a check until your earnings top $100, and I'm not in that popularity zone yet. But it's a fun way of tracking my stats, and the amusement factor in some of the ads is priceless.

Anonymous said...

"She MUST take up sea-kayaking at once."

It won't help. People will just think you're a lesbian with cats.

Billiam said...

Please don't turn into an old lady with cats! The horror is right! Since my Dad died, my step-Mom has taken up cat herding. She has 12 in the house. Of course, that's sybject to change since she allows a few of them outside, after which, they return impregnated. It makes it hard to visit. 1 or 2 cats, cool. Beyond that, well, that way lies madness!