Monday, July 10, 2006

How to get to Philadelphia

Find the Manhattan Bridge, at the end of Canal Street. Go under it. You will discover Forsyth Street. A Chinese lady will come running toward you; she will ask, urgently, "Philadelphia?"

Answer "Yes."

She will point you toward a bus. Get on it. Get off in Philadelphia.

While in Philadelphia, go to the Book Trader, at the corner of Market and N. 2nd, and find the strange people with antique cameras and costumes. Get your portrait taken.

Get back on the bus. Return to New York in time to hear the reading at Sunny's.

You will be able to get the good seat at the end of the bar, because two-thirds of the literati are home watching the World Cup. Purchase a Guinness. Bask.

1 comment:

kate moon said...

very funny. who knew at the time you would like it That Much?