Thursday, February 28, 2008

Out of it

Hello, darlings. Pretty Lady is just feeling human again, after the nastiest bout of strep she's had since junior high. 'Delirium' is not too strong a word.

Pretty Lady's Gentleman Friend is, she must say, the Best. Chicken soup and ginger ale, re-heated and re-filled every hour, whether it was consumed or not. Patient, and sometimes not-so-patient, negotiating with healthcare providers. Door-to-door chauffeur service to doctor's office. Company in doctor's office. Blankets, humidifiers, back-scratching, dishwashing, car-moving.

Did she mention that her G.F. is the Best? He's the Best.

Also, antibiotics and Tylenol are wonderful things. Also P.D. James. Pretty Lady is going back for another nap, now.


k said...

OH NO! I just HATE that stuff. What an incredibly nasty germ! What an incredibly nasty way for it to infect a person! Ugh!

Rest. Rest. Rest.

And yes, P.D. James is excellent at a time like this. Perhaps Martha Grimes as well?

Oh lord. Strep. That explains that.

Next time you are conscious, please, thank the G.F. for me. If he were not there, and if he were different than he is, I would be utterly beside myself just now.

Desert Cat said...

A gem.

See, I knew you'd find one.

He probably puts me to shame in that department.

Anonymous said...

Oh, feel better soon, PL. And thank god for good helpmates.