Monday, February 18, 2008

Fie on 'Health Insurance'! Fie!

As if this were a surprise:
Have health insurers been systematically cheating patients and doctors of fair reimbursement for medical services? That is the disturbing possibility raised by an investigation of the industry’s arcane procedures for calculating “reasonable and customary” rates.
This system is an invitation for abuse. UnitedHealth owns the company whose database will affect its costs and profitability, so both have a strong financial interest in keeping reimbursement rates low. Even Ingenix seems unwilling to stand behind its numbers. In licensing its database to insurers, it stresses that the data is “for informational purposes only” and does not imply anything about “reasonable and customary” charges. Yet that is precisely what the health insurers use the data for, as Ingenix knows, according to investigators.
Since we are paying for the vast majority of our medical care out-of-pocket, anyway, as this article attests, WHY IN THE WORLD are we, the American consumer, continuing to support this corrupt and parasitic system? Pretty Lady calls for Revolution! Medical savings accounts for all!

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