Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Charmed, I'm sure

Dear BECA gallery,

Pretty Lady is ever so pleased and delighted to receive your semi-personal invitation to submit an application for your 'Mirror for the 21st Century' exhibition. It has been simply years since she has had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans, and she looks forward to exploring what looks, from the photos, like a gloriously re-emergent art scene there.

Upon reading the fine print, however, she noticed that there appears to be some confusion regarding business practices, which she would like to clarify before proceeding with her application. As you have noted, Pretty Lady is an emerging artist, which means that her fee for participating in an itinerant event is relatively modest; she charges a mere flat rate of $1000 per engagement, plus travel expenses, including air fare, car rental and lodging. Of course it goes without saying that shipping expenses in both directions, as well as full door-to-door insurance, are the responsibility of BECA gallery; she assumes that the assertions to the contrary, in the 'Delivery and Return of Artwork' section of the application, are a mere clerical oversight, which will be promptly rectified.

Pretty Lady will be happy to submit her application as soon as an advance of $500 has been deposited into her Paypal account, balance to be due upon completion of the application. She greatly appreciates your interest, and your continued dedication to the cause of emerging art.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed! I've been checking daily for BECA's response, either here or at sellout. What's up Bec?