Monday, April 30, 2007

Ingredients of Evil

Regardless of its illustration of obvious fact that if a person possesses a hammer, the whole world begins to resemble a sticky-outy nail, Pretty Lady quite liked Cintra's article:

Malignant narcissists seek a "narcissistic load" -- their drug of choice -- which is ATTENTION. Positive attention and negative attention are one and the same -- attention is attention. People suffering from this disorder tend to blame others for their difficulties, fly into a "narcissistic rages," and seek revenge as their due. Attention is the drug, the victory, the raison d'etre -- the narcissist simply needs to be the center of attention, and will get his fix by any means necessary.

Cho's successful domination of the news cycles condones, justifies and rewards his behavior... and encourages it in others who suffer from this affliction. Infamy is the same thing as Fame, for the malignant narcissist.

She wonders, though; is it genuinely, thoroughly true that an essential component of Evil (and Pretty Lady will not entertain the notion that Evil is merely a semantic construct, and is prepared to pulverize those foolish individuals who seriously propound it) is a need for Notoriety? Are those evil people not equally dangerous who hide in the shadows, fearing and loathing the light beyond all else?

She must think on it.


k said...

Not only equally dangerous, but sometimes far more so.

They hide for good reason: they're a lot harder to detect, that way.

Pretty Lady said...

Ah, yes indeed, k, I see you are thinking along the same lines as I. As poisonous as the attention-grabbing malignant narcissist can be, there are those who are infinitely more malignant. They will willingly sacrifice any mere Attention for the sake of causing wholesale harm to the Other, any other, all other, and attention means nothing to them because they wish nothing from the other but to destroy it.

k said...


And when you gaze into the abyss of such purity of intent you know you really are looking into the deepest of evils.

Chris Rywalt said...

I didn't make the connection until now, but a new instrumental from my (now mostly sentimental) favorite band, Rush, was released into the digital wilds at about the same time this post was written. And the title of it is "Malignant Narcissism."

Must be something in the air.