Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Draconian aesthetics

It is official; Pretty Lady has No Conscience.

Merely reading the letter from the lovely lady who inherited all her mother's paintings, and has every one of them hanging in her apartment, is enough for her to determine this.

For when Pretty Lady sublet a large house from a very-much-alive artist, who tendered this same house into her hands with every available wall space sporting a specimen of her own original artwork, the sun had not gone down before Pretty Lady had taken every one of those paintings off the wall, and stored them under the staircase. Prudently positioned upon risers, against flood, and covered with plastic, against dust, of course. Just because Pretty Lady does not share another artist's aesthetic, does not mean she is wantonly and disrespectfully destructive of it.

Pretty Lady was even known to declare, publically, "If X Artist believes that her house is standing as a permanent X Artist vanity gallery and shrine, X Artist has another think coming."

Aesthetics, Pretty Lady believes, are both deeply significant and deeply personal. Pretty Lady herself has been known to redecorate hotel rooms, during the length of her stay. The objects with which we surround ourselves impregnate our every present moment with a powerful energy, which we fail to consider at our deep peril. The present moment is, literally, all we have got; do we wish to Sacrifice All upon the altar of another artist's screaming, headless nightmares? Or even upon a smattering of sweet but banal autumn landscapes?

Pretty Lady's answer to this question has always been a resounding NO. If this makes her a Bad Person, it is the cross she must bear.


Judge Well Ye Wolves said...

Higher Courts will judge on the "badness" aspect of your Person. As to what you have to wake up and look at every day, you alone are the arbiter.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a cross I'll help you bear...

People like Artist X are the reason why I cross the street in heavy traffic.... to avoid them.

mitzibel said...

So you're saying that my lifelong goal of decorating my home to look like the set of MorteVille from "Desperate Living" may not be such a good idea, after all?

Pretty Lady said...

Only if the rest of your family is heartily enthusiastic about the proposition, dear. If not, I would recommend restricting the MorteVille aesthetic to the parlor.