Monday, March 26, 2007

Cintra Wilson is a Goddess

...If you preferred peace, honor, dignity and truth to colicky, niggling, girlish fussing, you might recognize the precious gift before you: Daddy is generously offering each of you your very own pet sardine.

This sardine is marinated, and oiled, and it can be loved and trained just like a pony. People throughout history have wept with gratitude when given their very own sardine.

The American people will cry if you do not accept the incredibly generous gift of this precious pony-sardine, because they want one so badly. In truth, the most intelligent people in the world prefer a sardine to a live pony -- because they are educated enough to know the truth.

What you are failing to understand, because you haven't had the benefits of this education, is that a sardine is far better than a pony, but exactly like a pony. It is, in fact, a kind of super-pony, with long, combable hair, and wings. And it flies.

Pretty Lady isn't quite certain what dear Cintra was talking about, there, because she skipped the headlines this morning and got a massage instead, but she just loves flying ponies with long hair, so she very much enjoyed the story.

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Chris Rywalt said...

Congress wants Rove and Miers to answer questions on the record, possibly under oath, regarding the whole attorney general investigation thing. Snow got up and explained that the White House has generously offered Rove and Miers for off the record, secret questioning, and that if Congress didn't like that, too bad.