Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thank you

darlings, for your care and concern. Pretty Lady is okay. She has just returned from the Memorial Service, and has not been near a computer for a week. She promises to write soon.


Anonymous said...

I hope your memorial event was as good as the one I went to this week; a celebration of the life of the deceased one, a bittersweet occasion, but more joyous than somber. I felt connected to the many other mourners/celebrants through the relationship we each had with the one who has passed, and somehow, by extension, connected to all of humanity because we have all lost people and those relationships ripple out to infinity.

Welcome home!


Pretty Lady said...

Thanks, O! Yes, mine was like that, in its own way. See you very soon!

mitzibel said...

Completely off-topic, but guaranteed to lift your spirits:

It is now official that I spend too much time on your blog, and that Penny is far too observant for her own good. This past weekend my daughter recieved a belated Christmas package from one of her grandmothers: a dress-up trunk, filled with wonderful wisps of chiffon and lame and slippery nylon half-slips and opera-length gloves and fake pearls and feather boas and fluttery fans. The largest item included is a big, almost-floppy hat very much like the one worn in your old avatar picture. Penny, after flinging various strips of lace and sequins about, grabs this hat, plants it on her head, and squeals (while jumping around in her patented so-thrilled-it's-a-good-thing-she-still-wears-diapers dance), "Look, Mommy! I Pretty Lady!!"

You would've been proud.

Pretty Lady said...

Whee! I'm an Icon in the eyes of Little Children! My youthful ambitions have been realized. I am beyond proud.