Friday, February 23, 2007

The curly boots are here!

Pretty Lady must confess that she is undoubtedly a Female person. As proof of this fact, she offers the information that she has labored since childhood under a nearly insatiable Boot Fetish.

The reason she does not have a Shoe Fetish, so much, is that she does not, sadly, have size-5 feet with dainty little toes and elegantly arched insteps. (So back off, you freak.) Were this the case, she would undoubtedly have a closet full of frivolous little cobbler's confections with four-inch heels, glass toes and ankle straps.

She still has a couple of those. But largely, for both practical and aesthetic reasons, Pretty Lady has been forced to specialize in more-solid items of footwear. It is her one over-the-top indulgence, as Chris discovered to his detriment last Christmas.

Also, last Christmas, Pretty Lady's most-beloved little sister confided that she had, in fact, ordered the Curly Boots. It was to have been a surprise, when they showed up at the doorstep on December 23rd.

Instead, they have shown up on February 23rd, and Pretty Lady is here to tell you that it was worth the wait. Not only are these boots Elegant and Elfin, but they are heavenly comfortable. It feels like Pretty Lady's much-abused feet are getting a massage, even when she's sitting down. She may never take them off again, except that she doesn't want to get them dirty, and that not all of her clothes, sadly, are green.


Anonymous said...

PL's Boot Fetish may not be the result of her feet - it may in fact be genetic. I, while having smaller (though by no means small) feet, with actual arches, also love boots. But in general I do not love shoes.

I have enough shoes not to wear hilariously inappropriate footgear with any given outfit, and not a shoe more. However I have *two* pairs of extravagant and impractical boots. For a girl with a three-foot-wide closet, who keeps only two pairs of jeans - an old pair and a new pair - that is extravagance indeed.

Glad the curly boots got there - they look great!


Pretty Lady said...

Someday, darling beloved LS, I shall send you those fur-lined boots from Denmark.

These boots are truly amazing. I don't even need arch supports. I just put my feet in and go. I owe you one heck of a whopping care package for this.



k said...


oh, they are BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the curly boots! And the name! Like curly parsley (or is it kurly kale?)

We must go out soon, boot-clad.

Pretty Lady said...

Indeed, Oriane, we must. I have be-hermitized myself again, this week. Constant Vigilance! Must Not Become Hermitess!

Anonymous said...

Bigfoot lives!

Pretty Lady said...

Watch your mouth, dude. I prefer the term 'superevolved' when discussing my feet.

Anonymous said...

Superevolved lives!

mitzibel said...

Were I not still sated from my birthday boot-sneakers (fake lace-up mid-calf Chuck Taylors in black with a zipper up the inside and a veritable crust of multi-colored embroidery on the outside) I would be in a fit of covetousness at the moment. Might I suggest that you check out for footwear to go under those spectacular boots? They're my new favorite people, but then again, anyone who offers thigh-length stripey cotton socks for 6 bucks a pair is bound to make that list. . .

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of too. I've never found woolen thigh-high stockings anywhere else. Strange, considering how comfortable and practical they are.