Monday, February 12, 2007

Rant interrupted

Pretty Lady was just about to go on a rant about the pandemic immaturity of modern relationships, and persons who are unable to negotiate reasonable boundaries without maintaining complete and total control; she was also going to go into a tirade about 'activity partners' being a different thing entirely from 'life partners.'

But she was so foolishly pleased to note that her letter made it into "Editor's Choice" at Salon, that she will calm down, and write about her Ten Best Dates instead.


Anonymous said...

I want to make it clear, in case it's not, that I gave you your V-day present a month or so early. I hope you're enjoying it. With love, EN

mitzibel said...

Excellent advice, dear. I don't understand people who "date" for years and years on end. After seven years you'd think you would have decided whether you wanted to make a commitment or move on. But then, I see a romantic partner as a mate (or at least a potential one), rather than a pleasant diversion to be indulged when there's nothing good on TV.