Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Through snow, through sleet, through freezing rain

Pretty Lady nevertheless would not dream of missing her dear friend RA Friedman's opening in Philly this evening.

"Art, After a Fashion"
Featuring the designs of Rose Sylvester
and the astonishing photography of RA Friedman
Conspiracy Showroom
910 North 2nd Street (Across the Street from Standard Tap)

Philadelphia, PA

Opening: Thursday, February 15th, 2007

6 to 9 PM


A write-up! It's a write-up!


Bob said...

I am speechless.

k said...


Anonymous said...

To clarify... Anything I could say about the individual in the photograph would get me banned if this individual is a friend of PL's.

Thin ice here...

Pretty Lady said...

Philistines, all of you.

To clarify, as if it weren't already obvious:

The photographer is a dear friend of Pretty Lady's. She has not had the pleasure of meeting any of the models in the photographs.

These pictures were taken using antique cameras and antique film, such as Polaroid film which has been in a freezer for 30 years. The resultant images are scanned and digitally enhanced, sometimes superimposed with other images.

The results, as you can see, can sometimes be creepy, disturbing, mysterious, and incandescently beautiful, all at the same time. The randomness and sensitivities to heat and moisture inherent in the film process make for effects which can be suprising, painterly, and evocative of things like 'spirit photography,' Victorian era grotesqueries, and Tarot cards, to name a few associations off the top of Pretty Lady's head.

To be crystal clear, Pretty Lady LOVES these photos. Loves them. She is fortunate enough to have a number of early proof prints tacked all over her apartment. Visit at your own risk.

k said...

*Speechless,* in me at least, doesn't necessarily mean anything pejorative. Not at all.

I tend to be literal. So it just means I'm speechless.

From time to time this is probably a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry PL:

There's just no way I would hang up that picture of Jason's sister on any of my walls, no way.

It's just plain UGLY.