Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Wonders of Capitalism

You must pardon Pretty Lady for being rhapsodic and strange, this evening. It was roughly seventy-five degrees and sunny in New York City today. I might remind you that today is the ninth of November. The Christmas cactus is putting out buds.

So Pretty Lady went for a long, pointless stroll, just because she could.

Pretty Lady gets along well, these days, with duennas of high-end clothing stores. She is not certain why this should be so; she is, regrettably, not in the economic bracket of those who become regular patronesses of high-end clothing stores. Nevertheless, she falls into easy, cheerful conversation as she tries on clothes she has not the resources to buy, nor the occasions to flaunt, and comments upon masterful tailoring, innovative use of fabric, and daringness of styling.

Hint: ai ai gasa on 5th avenue. The dress with the black-and-white photograph all over it, the reflector-tag detailing, and the petticoat. They'll tell you what size.

As she was strolling down Union, she happened upon perhaps the most beautiful bar in the world.

Roaring fireplace, you note. Tall bookshelves. Comfy velvet armchairs. Wood floors, tin ceilings, inviting little lamps. Some sort of throw-the-ball game in the back that was Not Pool. Fleur-de-lis wallpaper.

If you will believe it, for a moment Pretty Lady was not sure she would be allowed in. It seemed to her nothing short of incredible that for the price of a happy-hour draft beer, she would be allowed to nestle in an armchair, next to a roaring fireplace, and dawdle over a book and journal for however long she pleased.

But such proved to be the case. Indeed, capitalism has its comforts and small joys.


Desert Cat said...

I have to admit there are benefits to living in the midst of it all like you do. Though my heart still longs for the still places of solitude.

Pretty Lady said...

Actually, mine does too. It's just that capitalism is what is supporting me (mostly), so I'm attempting to put a bright face on it. Plus I haven't found the right person to be solitary with.

The Aardvark said...

In Soviet Union, armchair nestled YOU.

The Aardvark said...

It is arguable that "capitalism" was a bugaboo word used to frighten young socialists at bedtime.

Howzabout "free market"?

Anonymous said...

Ssshhhhhh, Pretty Lady, guard the address and name of said establishment with your life!! If you *must* take friends, blindfold them for the journey! Pieces of heaven like that do not remain so for very long after they've become popular, it seems, so keep it under your hat!!

Anonymous said...

"Plus I haven't found the right person to be solitary with..."

That is a critical skill to have, to know how to be together and maintain solitude. It is so important to know when and how exactly to be quiet together.

I recall taking a woman out to one of the spots that I discovered in the woods, a beautiful grove overlooking a view off a bluff and I often would spend a Saturday alone there, a pack with sandwiches, a bottle of wine and a good book and just revel in the glorious silence. It was far off any trail, and she had heard me tell of this place and asked to be taken there. We were no more than 50 yards off the trail when she suddenly started complaining about the terrain, the foliage, the bugs and making an incredible amount of noise. I asked her to pipe down, politely, and of course this only increased her volume. Alas, we doubled back to the truck grove unseen - and I came to the stark realization that all I ever wanted/all I ever needed was not here in my arms...


Pretty Lady said...

Crom, I'm noticing a Pattern, here. It seems you have a tendency to trip up on the high-maintenance, troublemaking versions of femininity, as I do on their high-maintenance, troublemaking masculine counterparts.

Let us make a pact. First whine, they're out. Deal?

Mitzibel, you are So Right. In fact, I stumbled onto it at 5:30, while the majority of the armchairs were still free; by 6:15, it was well on its way to becoming a madhouse. Let's hear it for early evenings.

Aardvark, I am being deliberately provocative in my choice of terms, of course. Controversy drives up web traffic! ;-)

The Aardvark said...

But of course.
I have to maintain a reputation as Master of the Bleedin' Obvious!

k said...

It sounds so very...pubby.