Friday, November 10, 2006

Testing, in some alarm

Has Pretty Lady vanished entirely from YOUR browser, too?


Pretty Lady said...

I have NO IDEA what that was about.

k said...

All cool here.

Anonymous said...

You may have vanished from the snauzer browser but you is still on da screen.

Slight Edge said...

I agree 100% as health is indeed "un-insurable" but a $2 trillion benefits industry not including any care.
There does exist "Protection" rather than insurance at a fraction of insurance costs without insurance BS.

We have owned such a plan since 2003 and 100% benefits even with a pre-existing cancer condition in the family. We only pay a small monthly fee and are 10% protected from high costs and have access to any benefit from A to Z anytime, anywhere in America.

The solution is at hand.



Slight Edge said...

Correction should say "100% protected from high costs"