Monday, November 13, 2006

Decorating coup

Pretty Lady has, at long last, figured out what to do with the stunning length of Indian cloth-of-gold, bestowed upon her as a birthday gift by her adored and well-travelled cuñado. It makes the perfect backdrop for Zora, the retired lady puppet from Java, atop the antique English wardrobe obtained in San Francisco, discreetly accessorized by the incense-burner from Dubai (acquired and bestowed by her naval brother, sojourning once upon a time, on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson.)

The entire ensemble graces the corner of her living room, next the color-coordinated bookshelf, flanked by three original photographic prints from Jake, grounded by her prized, perforate ceramic lamp from Mexico.

Note the serendipitous symphony of blues, golds, and browns, the repeated motifs of feminine form and tower, the junk-shop bric-a-brac coziness of the aesthetic.

Pretty Lady frequently longs for an open, simple, elegant environment, flooded with light and Zen simplicity. Unfortunately, both her personality and available space tend more toward the cluttered, eclectic and baroque. She imagines that once she has earned her nest egg and invested it in a custom-built hacienda in a remote corner of Mexico, she will have at least one room set aside for beige-on-beige, stark restfulness of decór. Until then, she delights in uncovering the poetic resonances among her casually arranged collection of worldly junk.


k said...

Oh, I LOVE it!

Pretty Lady said...

Actually, I'm finding that the cloth has the unanticipated effect of making that corner overly Dark and Looming. I do not dare light candles atop the wardrobe, for obvious reasons; I believe another string of twinkle lights, casually thrown across the top, is in order. The last string expired while I was away.