Monday, November 20, 2006

So unfair

Once upon a time, Pretty Lady remarked idly to her then-boyfriend, the Angry Atheist, after viewing 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' for the third time--or perhaps it was 'Intolerable Cruelty'--"If I were a man, I'd be George Clooney."

The Angry Atheist, not having spent an extended period of time in Northern California, and being highly unfamiliar and uncomfortable with flexible soul/gender paradigms, freaked.

Her oldest female friend, however, looked thoughtful and said, "I can totally see that."

You see, it's the self-reflexive irony, the dilettantism, the panache, no?

At any rate, Pretty Lady feels that it is self-reflexive irony at its bleakest, that just as she begins to mope round in the mornings, feeling just slightly Over The Hill, or at least that she is approaching the peak of it, that George Clooney, decades her senior, is featured upon the cover of People magazine as "The Sexiest Man Alive."

Pretty Lady is trying to get over it.


Anonymous said...

George Clooney is a goon, compared to you. Trust me. I would have never left home for him. But you,... maybe.

Pretty Lady said...

Awwwww. Pretty Lady feels better already.

Anonymous said...

Although you're physically as good looking as him you're one hell of a lot smarter and you also know you're limits. There's nothing worse then a man who thinks he's smarter then he is. Please, no more comparisons with actors acting like they think they think.

Anonymous said...

George as he actually is or George as he pretends to be? They are actors for a reason.

Clooney as Seth Gecko in "From Dusk to Dawn" was coolness incarnate. Clooney as Clooney is a Hollywood windbag who had better pray to whatever deity favors swinish thespians that his looks hold, since his looks-to-skill ratio has slipped considerably since that dubious vampire epic.


Pretty Lady said...

So what you're saying, then, is that Pretty Lady is out of George Clooney's league? ;-)

Thank you, my darling friends, for shamelessly stroking Pretty Lady's ego in this ridiculous way. She promises to write something mildly pornographic, soon, as a little thank-you.

Anonymous said...

ANd soon as you are over the hill.....there is another one right behind it...even higher.
Over the hill is a small-minded and slim-visioned idiom concocted by....uh..uh...oh yeah...small minded and slim visioned people. I almost lost it on that one but found it again...phew. Lucky I guess.
I can hardly wait till you are over the hill and approaching the Rockies, baby.

Crom said...

"The Other Guilty Party in Cyber-Adultery Most Vile"...

Oh my. He's no longer such an angry little man huh? Why do I sense the sinister hand of MoTL in all this mystery? I had no idea that this author was so... prolific.


Pretty Lady said..., two, three...Self-Reflexive Irony.

Plus a bit of merciless satire, Pretty Lady's anti-malicious-lying-gossip weapon of choice. I do hope it meets with your approval.

Anonymous said...

Of course.

Just having a wee bit of fun with you, I didn't think you'd mind after painting such a tempting target...


Anonymous said...

what's this cyber adultery business?