Monday, October 16, 2006

Pretty Lady is a Temple

Or at least her body is, this week. Pending a lack of nervous collapse. We shall see.

Day 1 Activities, for the Irritating New-Age Diet Plan:

Breakfast: 1 yoga class. (Pretty Lady didn't actually eat her yoga class this morning. This being Day 1, she let them live. She is making no promises for later in the week, however.)

Ingested: 1 bottle spring water, 1 bottle Pomegranite-Blueberry juice, 1 pot 'Chakra' tea, with honey.

Shopped: for 40 lbs. fruit and vegetables, flax oil, Bragg's Amino Acids.

Attempted: to read "The Battle For God." Strangely unable to concentrate, perhaps due to retro-new-wave dance music being played rather too loudly at the Tea Lounge. Whatever is it with the Monday morning baristas and the Smiths? Once every now and then is fine, for laughs, but every Monday since June?

Lunch: Spinach and chard, steamed and chopped. Broccoli and snap peas, steamed. Mushrooms, sauteed. Doused with flax oil, crushed garlic, amino acids. Diced jicama with lime and cayenne.

Verdict: Not so much garlic next time. Braggs is too salty, despite being salt-free. Jicama was saving grace.

Attempted: surfing regular Internet reading. Strangely unable to concentrate on anything vaguely intellectual-seeming for more than a minute or so, perhaps due to unbearably pretentious art prose contained in links forwarded for Special Attention.

Planned activities:
scrubbing floors with toothbrush; chitchatting with client over tea; brushing cat; writing disjointed, inconsequential prose.

Supper, proposed: Artichoke, steamed; bell pepper and mushrooms, roasted; eggplant, grilled. Herb tea.

Stay tuned for hallucinatory updates.


Flicka Spumoni said...

I love Bragg's Amino Acids. I splash it on top of broccoli seasoned with fresh squeezed lemon. It's good.

k said...

Ummm...I must be missing something here.

Where's the chocolate course?

Anonymous said...

That isn't food. That's what food eats.