Friday, October 13, 2006

Now, this is more like it...

Fashion-wise, at least.

Pretty Lady owns three of CarolAnn Wachter's hats, acquired craftily by barter, but she could always use three more. She is thrilled to note that dear CarolAnn has branched out into clothing design as well.

This, in Pretty Lady's opinion, is what classic High Fashion should be. Timeless. Elegant. Organic. Not trashy, tawdry, flimsy, disposable, made of cheap artificial materials, and likely to be hideously Out Of Style in less than three months. Pretty Lady intends to keep wearing her hats for at least the next ten years or so; she is confident that they will still be both chic and in good condition for at least this long.


k said...

Is that a picture of you, PL?

Pretty Lady said...

No, dear CarolAnn did not request me to model for her, on this occasion. My face is a bit narrower and more pointy; this lovely girl shows off the structure of this particular hat to greater advantage than I.