Thursday, April 13, 2006


Pretty Lady declares a unilateral moratorium on all things witty, deep, insightful or humorous this week. She is doing her taxes.

The only thing she has discovered so far, after looking coldly and soberly at the amount of money she earned last year, is that there is definitely a God. There is no earthly reason why she should still be alive, and relatively comfortably housed, with heat, clothing, electricity, and a reasonably functional (albeit over 200K on the odometer) automobile. The mysteries of infinite provision are certainly unfathomable.

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Pretty Lady said...

Darling, you obviously have quite an oppositional personality. I like that in a man. You should go far.

And I hope the Ray Bans are polarized. There's nothing like polarized lenses for eliminating that tense, squinty, strained feeling.