Friday, April 28, 2006

Darling William

Pretty Lady notes with disapproval that some of you have been hanging out on her site in her absence. Much as she enjoys being a hostess, there is no excuse for remaining chained to a keyboard in weather like this.

There has been an Underground Film Screening, starring Jake and some other insignificant filmmakers, at a charmingly unpretentious place in Chinatown.

Free popcorn was served, and the intermission was enlivened by some truly disturbing nuclear-warfare-preparedness films from the nineteen-fifties.

(It is no wonder our elders are, for the most part, paranoid and irrational. They were brainwashed into thinking that painting their houses would save them from nuclear attack. I kid you not.)

Then, today, a visit to the William Wegman Retrospective was bracketed by long walks with cameras, through the springtime. Pretty Lady was so impressed with dear Mr. Wegman's videos (she watched them ALL, laughing maniacally) that she left him a sketch in his guest book.

Then Jake departed to go meet Another Woman (a very charming lady. Pretty Lady is hoping to get him happily unloaded one of these days) and Pretty Lady indulged in her semi-annual guilty pleasure; trolling the sale racks at designer boutiques on Fifth.

Pretty Lady is somewhat abashed to report that although the pale-blue, floral silk designer mini-skirt was waiting on the rack for her, right where God put it at 60% off, she didn't stop there. She moved on to a brand-new locale specializing in Young Local Designers, made fast friends with the owner and an aging actress, and somehow came away with some items that were neither within her budget nor on sale. She does not know how this could have happened. The weather must have gone to her head.

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