Thursday, April 06, 2006

It is not a Blemish, it is a Feature

Occasionally Pretty Lady is unnerved to discover that there are persons in the world whom she has never met, but whom nevertheless are intimately familiar with her doings. This may seem disingenuous, coming from a lady who discusses her private life freely upon the Internet, but indeed she has been so honest partly because she assumes that not many are listening. People in general tend to be quite narcissistic, particularly the ones whose attention one is trying desperately to attract.

And anyway, it is never the persons who peruse her various web identities who so surprise her. It is people who come up to her drunkenly at parties and say, "I admire you SO MUCH!" and she is left wondering who, how, when, where and what has been said in her absence. Then there are the people like her sister's hairdresser, who snag hold of one small incident and immortalize it, when the perpetrators have forgotten all about it.

Pretty Lady's sister's hairdresser was the one who said, "I remember your sister. She was the one who had this humongous zit, and instead of trying to conceal it, she colored it in with black eyeliner and went to a party."

Pretty Lady does not remember any specific occasion when she did this, but it seems likely. She is not averse to a certain amount of discreet make-up, but all that flesh-colored, goopy 'concealment' stuff is not her style. It isn't fooling anyone, and it comes off on Kleenex and pillowcases. "Beauty marks" were popular in the Regency for a reason, and Pretty Lady does not see why she should not capitalize upon historical wisdom. So, for today, she offers the suggestion, in case any bold young ladies care to make use of it.


heidi said...

I have done this. I used a brown eyeliner pencil and I was impressed with how it made me look much more exotic.


Pretty Lady said...

No, no. Blackheads are embedded. Beauty marks project.