Monday, April 03, 2006

Down time

Recently viewed: Walk the Line with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix.

Verdict: Meh. Reese sang very well.

Issues: Joaquin Phoenix is simply too beautiful to be believeable as Johnny Cash. It does not matter how well he acts. He is still beautiful Joaquin, whose personal aspect tugs at the heartstrings in a manner unrelated to the arcane charm of skanky old Johnny. It was like viewing one of those stereoscopic paintings, the ones where you cross your eyes and the image becomes three-dimensional, except that when you try to cross them, the image does not gel. No wonder Reese appeared circumspect and confused. No woman of flesh and blood could have resisted Joaquin Phoenix for eighteen years, tortured and addicted, solely because his soulmate would not have him. I got a strong sensation of an Absent Subtext.

Also viewed:
Kissing Jessica Stein. I forget the names of the actresses.

Verdict: Surprisingly enjoyable. Without betraying myself into an indiscretion, I found that the pretext of two Girls Experimenting was remarkably realistically handled. The conclusion was not only believeable, but true-to-life in all sorts of ways.


Anonymous said...

Damn, you're entertaining.

Stumbled across a comment you left at Vox Day's blog (I quoted it on my own, duly credited and linked, of course), then came here to check out your site.

Needless to say, it's bookmarked.

Pretty Lady said...

Gracious, my dear. I am honored that my throwaway blathering had such affect. I will endeavor to live up to you.