Friday, January 19, 2007

Such hoopla

Pretty Lady might as well confess up-front that she is extremely bigoted, regarding transgendered individuals. She has lived for an extended length of time in the Bay Area; she has been emotionally close to a large number of Persons on the Fringe. She has, personally, known and worked with an individual who posed for a hermaphroditic version of the Maja Nuda. She has attended Underground Readings. She has purchased the published works of the readers.

And Pretty Lady's considered, experiential, overtly biassed opinion is this: that transgendered persons are abnormally literarily gifted. It is simply Not Fair, and should be stopped.

For how else, darlings, could Kate Bornstein have moved her to tears, laughter, and a standing ovation, at Project Artaud of all places, known for its tiresomely ponderous, unresolved, sloppy and self-righteous presentations? Why else would she have considered bestowing a copy of Charlie Anders' novel, 'Choir Boy,' upon her Anglican chorista mother, despite the fact that the contents of said novel might, in a strictly narrative sense, not have been deemed appropriate for intergenerational conversation?

And why else would Little Light now be on the receiving end of hysterical, unfounded, ignorant claims of plagiarism, for a mere blog post, if said blog post were not so abnormally powerful in its rhetoric, so far-reaching in its influence, that it aroused the demons of vicious envy in less-gifted feminine bosoms?

Hmph. And they say that patriarchy is oppressive. Pretty Lady has now decided that she by far prefers the crude, blundering oppression of relatively straightforward male minds, to the many-tentacled, histrionic, irrational destructiveness of the envious female contingent. But perhaps she is merely feeling miffed that her comment did not pass through the filter over at Harpy Central. Pretty Lady, sadly, is not immune to acerbic personal pot-shots, particularly when she's PMSing.

Pretty Lady's further opinions on the whole overblown transgender thing can be summed up in a comment she had with a Registered Nurse, long ago in San Francisco. That wise and experienced lady remarked, laconically, "Well, it must be very compelling."

Ah. Indeed. Obvious, when you think about it.

For Pretty Lady recalls, as a young girl, being exquisitely, deeply pleased and contented with her Girl nature. She veritably revelled in it. She was not enormously repulsed by boy nature, naturally, but she regarded the boys with gentle pity, as having ended up with by far the short end of the stick, physical nature-wise.

Pretty Lady still feels this way. She would not change genders for anything. She is thrilled to be a Lady, and joyfully shoulders all the perceived burdens attendant thereof.

Thus, her psychological nature being At One with her physical nature, Pretty Lady considers herself inordinately blessed. She cannot imagine the state of being mentally at war with one's own corpus; this situation strikes her as being a recipe for extreme distress of all kinds. Not to mention the added burden of being the natural target of jealous harpies.

So perhaps the mind-bogglingly huge literary gifts attendant upon this situation is merely God's way of compensation. More, she is not qualified to say.


Anonymous said...

Odd circles? Feminism and trans comm.? I didn't suspect the two cohabited. I wonder if it's the writing that draws, or politics? Then, I expect that all women go to at least one of those forums in rl or vl and have for the last 30, 40, years? Urhm, are you... no, I guess not. You blogged about not being...

I'll stick to Here, Vox Day, a few others, and perhaps Bane if his badness is tolerable:) But I am happy you find what you need?

Pretty Lady said...

Doom, Pretty Lady has no interest in politics, or kinky anything. She just likes people. Particularly talented ones. And nice ones. She has discovered in the course of her life that niceness and talent are not limited to any particular political or physiological identity at all.

So she goes whither she will.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Lady,

I hope you do not think I meant to impose myself? I was only curious. And that is the best "answer" there is I think. No, I was just curious.

Of all the things on the planet, I think humans offer the most direct proof of God... and Satan, or beauty and ugliness in all it's forms if you don't know God et. al. In people I see the capacity for both, in any individual though, the capacity for one seems only limited by the capacity for the other. It leads me to dissociate because of my own capacities, a bit.

As for talented people, it seems they either are shunned or shun others, maybe both. I am not sure if talent is compensation for being different, the reason they are different, or something they are punished for being in a world that prefers mediocrity in action even should it feint a love of beauty.

Then again, and in truth, I know nothing. I just watch.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you two. Get a room already. Maybe you can share one with crom.

Pretty Lady said...

Anonymous, I beg your pardon? We were having a conversation, here. Either contribute something of interest and intelligence, or remain silent.

something they are punished for being in a world that prefers mediocrity in action

Harsh, dear Doom, harsh indeed, but on my darker days I suspect that it is true.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Then you are not alone in that Pretty Lady. However, that makes the good days nearly heavenly, yes? For everything there is a price, it's deciding between worth and value where I find the rub.

I suppose I do live in darkness, surrounded by it if not imbued by it. Other times, I shine through the darkness like heavenfire. In either case, I do not forget wherein I reside even if it isn't a basis for my truths. Some days, I am happy to be alive, knowing that if they knew me for me I would be dead. Other days I am glad I haven't decided to slay them all and let God sort them out, it wouldn't be difficult.

Though for you, I do make every attempt to be kind even on dark issues. "...something they are punished for being in a world that prefers mediocrity in action..." I hope that wasn't too disturbingly phrased, it's the nicest way I know to say it. And forgive the sharp energies that describe me this day. I suppose everyone is like that though.

mitzibel said...

Thank you, Pretty Lady. That was breathtaking, and I most probably wouldn't have stumbled over it on my own.

Doom said...


Why does your link lead to a sight with no writings? :p Write. :)

mitzibel said...

If you click the "my web page" on my profile, it will take you to my BlogDrive monstrosity, which has my old writings archived. Future works are still being debated, and may or may not be forthcoming. I have some serious thinking to do about the subject.

Anonymous said...

I'm intensely flattered that you include me in the same paragraph as Kate Bornstein! And that you considered giving my humble book to your mother. If you do end up giving it to her, please let me know what she says!