Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hmph. More obviousness

Pretty Lady is not certain how she ended up on the mailing list for this ballet company; she is quite certain she has never attended a performance. But these things have a way of finding her.

To be clear, she does not think that the juxtaposition of ballet and heavy metal is at all shocking; her cage is not rattled. She has pretty much Been There and Done That, on her own, in her adolescence, without starting a company and blathering on MTV about it. But it makes an amusing 5-minute clip.


Anonymous said...

For those about to pirouette....


That was awesome, my first out-loud chuckle of the day.


Anonymous said...

Surely, much of modern art is aall in the blather.

Recently on npr some musician had juxtaposed 2 formms of music to make some very uninspired boring mediocraty and blathered all sorts of
tongue flapping about it to transform it into 'art'.