Saturday, January 13, 2007

Splendid news!

Smalls Jazz Club is open again!

Pretty Lady considered it an unequivocal tragedy when she heard that Smalls, allegedly, was no more--pushed out of existence by changing (ahem) real estate prices. She spent one of her birthdays at Smalls, at the round table by the piano, slowly consuming the bottle of Bookers that the Pundit so thoughtfully provided, and entering an otherworldly trance state which lasted until the very small hours of the morning.

Now, as a caveat, she notes that the new Smalls apparently has been renovated and has a Full Bar, which is not necessarily such good news. One of the major virtues of the old Smalls is that one could bring one's own bottle of Bookers, or Jim Beam if one does not happen to have generous friends with Good Jobs. The old Smalls provided some desultory Free Mixers, ice and small plastic cups, but the booze was BYOB. Pretty Lady is deeply afraid that the cost of the renovation will be shunted into traditional Manhattan $12 drinks, but since she has not actually checked, this remains to be seen.

The furnishings, likewise, were nothing to write home about. They were, to put it bluntly, mis-matched and seedy. But this merely added to the Old Jazz aura, along with the narrow basement stairs, and the $10 all-night cover charge, a major bargain in a city where venues which shall remain nameless (JOES PUB
) charge a new cover every 45 minutes, along with a two-drink minimum per table. Hmph.

So. Pretty Lady foresees that an Outing to Smalls is in her near future. Who would like to join her?


Anonymous said...

"For the thing she so likes about men is that they like to talk about such stuff, and not just about clothes and gossip and menstrual cramps."

Do you really know so few smart, interesting women that you would write the above? How sad for you.

Kiko Jones said...

Actually, PL I shall accompany you to either the 1/18 or 1/25 performance of Avishai Cohen, if you so desire. What say you?

Pretty Lady said...

Do you really know so few smart, interesting women

No, no, no. Perhaps I was unclear on the context. The Girlfriends were like this. Pretty Lady's female friends are not; neither are her male friends. But her male friends at the time had an unaccountable preference for women whose primary conversational talents consisted of whining about their cramps, and perhaps it still rankles a bit.

Pretty Lady said...

Henry, I am busy on the 18th; perhaps the 25th. I shall get back to you.

belledame222 said...

I should love to join you for an outing to Smalls. i've kept talking about going to a jazz club for ages; somehow it never seems to work out. especially wrt finding a nice Old Jazz aura'd one.

and yes, Joe's Pub is...well i don't think i even got as far as the two-drink minimum. just took one gander at the general vibe and crowding one night and turned on my heel and took off.