Thursday, September 07, 2006

Parisian Travel Tip

I am sure you darlings are all intimately familiar with the Marli Café, alongside the Louvre? With the $40 cappuccinos? You must be.

Anyhoo, you know how it is impossible to get service there? Verily, they have the snootiest waiters in Paris, and that is a difficult thing to accomplish. You might wait twenty minutes for a menu, another thirty for your coffee, and as for l'addition, well, let us hope you do not have theatre tickets.

So Pretty Lady's cuñado just informed her of a foolproof way to get rapid service at Café Marli. Furthermore, he bet his friend Clark the price of the meal that he could get a waiter to the table in under a minute. Clark, having lived in Paris for a decade, accepted the bet with confidence and alacrity.

Pretty Lady's cuñado simply whipped out a pack of cards, sat down and gave forth the impression of an individual preparing to entrench himself at Café Marli until the end of time. Waiter, coffee and check appeared with Einsteinian rapiditude.

Of course the dear fellow realized he'd been had. But on your next trip to Paris, a word to the wise.

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Bob said...

Supplement her income by dealing drugs?


You mean become a doctor (MD) also.

Got it.