Saturday, June 10, 2006


The inimitable wit and aesthetic authority of our well-beloved associate Jack the Dandy is becoming recognized afield:

MM: So you would definitely call your self a dandy?

JD: I don’t have to, the ladies do it for me.

MM: What are the main qualities one should have in order to be considered a dandy?

JD: Utter aplomb, a concern for presentation, a sense of proportion, self-discipline, and an attraction to mischief.

No wonder we get along so well!


Anonymous said...

what a classically gorgeous and strong portait. Thank you.

Chris C. said...

I am honored, Pretty Lady. My humble thanks.

Just in case anyone is unclear, the portrait posted is by Romaine Brooks and is entitled, Peter, a Young English Girl. Of interest, the sitter was also a painter, the rather notorious Gluck (nee Hannah Gluckenstein).

Learn more about Gluck at dot html

Learn more about Brooks at dot html

Pretty Lady said...

Thank you for the additional info, dear Dandy! I went and read all of it, and it strikes me that I have known persons resembling Hannah Gluckenstein, in temperament and character...fiery-tempered artists, indeed.

I find it disgraceful that I could not Google up a single image of Gluck's paintings. The article gave me quite a desire to see them, even if they turn out to be a disappointment.

Chris C. said...

I had the same experience, sadly!

I have been planning a post on Romaine Brooks for a long time but...*sigh* many topics to post about, so little time...

Anonymous said...

isn't "dandy" another english slang word similiar to "sissy"?

I am curious. I am probably wrong and not wanting to offend, even if it kind of sounds offensive.

Pretty Lady said...

Rlh--not entirely. The word you may, perhaps, be looking for is 'fop.' A fop is a wannabe dandy who overdoes the fashion, at the expense of style (see P.L.'s "Style, Fashion and Thrift") and underdoes the workouts. Your typical dandy may not be a member of the Four-Horse Club, but he generally excels at fencing, at the very least.

The word "sissy" has nothing to do with fashion or style. It is an American term for an unfortunately sensitive young man who has not yet learned how to hit back effectively.