Sunday, June 04, 2006


Danny has sent some pictures, which seem appropriate for this weeks' topic.


Anonymous said...

What topic?

Anonymous said...

That's a nice effect... is it a mobile?


Pretty Lady said...

Shadow puppet, made, I think, of heavy-duty rag paper, or perhaps aluminum.

Topic--Eve and Snakes, of course. The snake representing the False Spirituality of the Evil Platitude.

Okay, maybe it's a stretch.

Anonymous said...

in some cultures ( but I don't know which) the snake is a positive force, a bringer of enlightenment.
In the Biblical tradition (old testament) the dogma presents the snalke as the evil tempter that brings about the fall of man from grace. But that is a fundamentalist interpretation.
What the snake did was provide a choice to mankind and allow them to choose so that they would KNOW good and they would KNOW evil. God made man in "his" image....and the snake directed Eve to the "fruit" of god's labor, to the avenue that allowed mankind to know and be as the gods.
It's all interpretation. What I love about life and that some interpretations become reasons to go to war and kill, etc....when all they are from the start is interpretations.