Monday, June 26, 2006

Get thee back to fairyland, thou figment of fevered imagination

1:20 PM:

Vacuum cleaner borrowed from neighbor.

Laundry and couch cover deposited with same-day laundry service.

Notion of bagging couch cushions up in plastic and securing with duct tape, hit upon.

Landlord called. Will accept rent check. Will not provide lease; thinks month-to-month lease is sufficient, in case he wants go to condo.

Building will never go condo. Landlord too lazy and too much of a fool. Condo buyers would not touch it.

Breakfast at comfort-food deli obtained.

Ingredients for holistic cat meals purchased.

Plan for subletting apartment during July and August, while Pretty Lady departs for rural Points North, decided upon.

So there.


The Aardvark said...

Frightfully glad the landlord had a bare modicum of reason about him.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like cats, but I dislike landlords even more. I prefer to own my own house.

That way I can shoot the cats that come in the yard.

Then pay a fine for shooting off firearms in town, whilst not defending myself. Judge didn't seem amused when I told him that I thought cats were out to get me.

oh well. people keep their foul little creatures out of my yard anyways.

Anonymous said...

hmmm,... rude and insensative... sorry... I will play nice. Maybe

Anonymous said...

Tell me, starbuck...

Do you set out open cans of tuna for this sport of yours?

Anonymous said...

Kill my landlord!

Anonymous said...


answer - no