Monday, April 14, 2008

Pretty Lady is NOT Writing This Blog

Pretty Lady wishes to inform all her dear friends that she is NOT writing the new and splendid blog, Miss Virginia's Steam Room; 'Steamy' for short. It is some OTHER lady who is writing tasteful erotica for Good Christian Families, using a third-person voice and frequent smatterings of 'dear' and 'darling.' She is doing this with Pretty Lady's full knowledge and approval, and has most kindly offered to include Pretty Lady's own steamier posts on her link list.

But she should let Miss Virginia speak for herself:
Miss Virginia Prude is a lady in her thirties, living in the southern part of these United States of America. Being a Good Christian Girl, Miss V spent the majority or her life assuming her body was the tool of the devil and feeling naughty (in a bad way, you see) every time the slightest amorous thought drifted through her feminine mind. This being the case, Miss Prude did not manage to find her full sexual awakening until much later in life, when she was already wed to the aforementioned Mr Prude. In spite of her adoration for the clever and well written show, Big Love, Miss Prude did not find polyamourous relationships to be an adequate outlet for her lately awakened sexual appetites. But she did wish to reclaim a bit of her sexual prowess before things began to sag too too terribly, and to live at least part of her life as a cheeky little monkey. So Miss V decided to write some bedtime stories that would leave her reader’s nicely aroused, without offending one’s moral aptitude. Thus Miss V’s blogspot, Steamy, was born.

Pretty Lady privately suspects that Miss Virginia's traffic will be surpassing hers within six weeks.


Chris Rywalt said...

...that would leave her reader’s nicely aroused...

Leave her reader's nicely aroused what? I wish she'd leave this reader's nicely aroused area of annoyance.

Pretty Lady said...

Don't pick on the newbie, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you sure this isn't a relative of Pretty Lady's?

Anonymous said...


Condolences, PL.


Pretty Lady said...

Thank you, Beau.

Sus, she's not a relative, but I suspect she may be what k calls a 'blogdaughter.' That is, someone who is inspired to start blogging after reading yours. She wrote me a very nice letter.