Saturday, April 19, 2008


From the comments section in the New York Times:

For the conservative supporters, from McCain to Hillary, who thought last night went well, let me propose some topics for McCain v Obama in the GE:

Do you repudiate yor wife for her thievery of medications in 1989?

Explain your role in the Keating Five.

Discuss your decision to leave your first wife after having an affair with your current wife.

How do you respond to your fellow GOP colleagues who say your temperment is unfit to be Commander in Chief?

What type of psychological scars has your experience with torture left on you?

How often do you attend church and why did you switch religions as an adult?

Might these kinds of questions upset right wing America? If so, then last night’s debate should disgust you as well.

— Posted by Truth teller


Desert Cat said...

Ask away. It should be fun to watch his little head pop.

Anonymous said...

Ask away. Should be fun to compare and contrast petty theft v. bombings, switching congregations v. "god damn AmeriKKKa", etc.